spis identisystem


BIOMETRIC ENROLLING-STATION to quickly generate a complete file with identification data, physical features, photo, voice and fingerprint

The Spis/IdentiSystem of investigation and signaling SPIS/IDENTISYSTEM allows:

  • Acquisition of personal data of the person arrested;
  • Capture photo, front and profile in a single click;
  • Electronic capture of fingerprints;
  • Search in centralized databases A.F.I.S. (Automatic fingerprints investigation system).
An innovative technological solution for law enforcement
tratti somatici


Photo front / profile in a single shot

impronte digitali


Capturing fingerprints and palm print through electronic scanner. Compatible with the international standard AFIS / APIS



The electronic files feed a central database accessible on the intranet.




The SPIS creates a file with personal and biometric data, photos front profile and relevant details on the body as tattoos, scars, etc..
The electronic files feed a central database accessible on the intranet (Weblase and A.F.I.S. Automated Fingerprint Identification System).



The photo front and profile is automatically generated with a single click, in the same position, light conditions and distance, thanks to a specially designed technology, registered by Secom.


The capture of the photo does not depend on the operator or from environmental conditions, is directly controlled by the monitor of SPIS/IDENTISYSTEM (ICAO compliant).


Fingerprints and palmprints

The SPIS Secom captures rotated, flat and palm fingerprints, with advanced live scanners

The system is compatible with the specific FBI IAFIS and ANSI-NIST-on acquisition and transmission of fingerprints.

The most advanced technologies allow you to capture fingerprint increasingly clear and high-contrast, streak-free and dust. The fast acquisition and real-time images of fingerprint replaces the old system and impractical to ink and paper. Fingerprints are displayed on screen in real time allowing the operator to evaluate the results immediately.

Livescanner specifications:

  • FBI Certified
  • 500 or 1000dpi
  • Superb real-time rolled
  • High Performances
  • FBI IAFIS-IQS Image quality


The voice is our signature

System quickly generates the signature voice of the subject reported sending it in an archive voice.

Voice control allows the comparison of the signature voice of the subject and those present in the archive.

SFR 3d

Identikit, photonet, SFR 3D

The system SPIS-Secom allows to generate three types of IDENTIKIT:

  • using a database (existing) physical features of graphs;
  • using the image database generated with the automatic division of the mug shot;
  • creating a 3D model, with the possibility of automatic aging and somatic changes.


The software SPIS is inseparable from the hardware Secom-Spisphoto and parts for shooting mug shots are protected by industrial patent No. 1,233,261, ranking G-03B.
The entire solution for capturing, sharing and comparison of mug shots and related biometric data of the respective individuals to be identified is protected by industrial patent No. 0001399956, ranking 06K9 G- 00 and is distributed exclusively by Secom Ltd.