Visual analysis is combined with the electronic authentication of documents (ePassport).

• Sensor fingerprint
• RFID Reader Chip
• Reader ICAO (MRZ)
• Use with any smartphone
• Bluetooth interface
• Visual analysis document (SmartFAD)
• Access to Database of specimen of all countries of the world 'through the APP for Android: EFADs

Biometric authentication

The validation of the identity document electronic occurs through the reading of the ICAO (MRZ) and the acquisition of electronic fingerprint in real time of the person.

autenticazione biometrica

The visual analysis has the same characteristics of SmartFAD: Efad APP


ultraviolet light

For bas and high relief printing

infrared icon

infrared light

For ink 800 printings

grazing light icon

grazing light

For bas and high relief printing

white light icon

white light

For micro and mini printing

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eFAD Android Version
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efad software
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BioFAD's special cover
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